Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Singin' In The Rain!

Singin' In The Rain

I saw this musical with my mum, in London. It was amazing and I really recommend that you see it because it will blow your mind away! The costumes are great, the actors are great and the singers were amazing!

You all probably know the story line of the film but I will tell you just incase: 

Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont are a famous on-screen romantic pair. Lina, however, mistakes the on-screen romance for real love. When Don and Lina's latest film is transformed into a musical, Don has the perfect voice for the songs. But Lina has no such thing and the company decides to dub over her voice. Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) , an aspiring actress, is asked to do the voice, and Don falls in love with her...

But I am not here to talk about the film! My favourite part of the play is the song 'Singin' in the rain' and if you see it you WILL be amazed, but I'm not saying anymore!
Here is the trailer for the musical:

Also, I have to say, another really great thing about it was the theatre and it's entrance! It's at the palace theatre in the west end! The theatre it's self has really high seats so you get a great view everywhere! The outside of the theatre is great aswell.

Rating: 10/10
Age: 9+
Recommendation: High